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Knew the Superpower Aviation

Knew the Superpower Aviation

The Superpower Aviation is a new enterprise for the aeronautical branch and alternative energy, specialist in manufacture and maintenance of outsides sources for starting and maintenance in aircrafts GPU (Ground Power Unit) and products for support in aeronautics ground.
We work besides with manufacture, maintenance, location and selling of generators diesel groups and electrical projects and electrical installations.
Our technical staff includes engineers and technicians with a large experience in executive aviation, commercial and military and we have as a mission to suppliers works and services with quality authentic, fulfilling our clients desires and searching always renew our products and services.
Working our strategic plan for expansion and developments, Super Power Aviation continues every day renewing our products for our clients and partners besides the traditional and celebrated electrical GPU Diesel and by batteries, Super Power Aviation is manufacturing and selling industrials generators electrical projects and electrical installations.
Our policy is to conduct our business for continued and sustainable growth.development respecting and valuing our employees, clients, furnishers, keeping transparence and ethics in our relationship.
Our products are financed by BNDES CARD and FINAME (Brazilian orders).

Below a list of services that Super Power Aviation executes.

Services for Airport Equipments

– Preventive and corrective maintenance in Electricals or Diesel GPU´S and batteries of any model and trade name.

– Preventive and corrective maintenance in equipments with internal combustion engine: Tractors, towbout, van, etc.

– Maintenance of ATQ, QTU, stairs, luggage trolley and all equipment of handling (support for aeronautical ground);

– Maintenance in electric car and rolling belt conveyor;

– Maintenance of electromagnetic machines for cracktest;

– Electrical installation in airports

– Manufacture of stairs and luggage trolley

Rental of airport equipments

– rental of Electricals GPUS

– rental of Diesel GPUS

Reform of Equipments

– Reform of GPUs (any type model) with actualization and modernization of electronic circuits and fairing .

Rental of Diesel Generators

– Generators replace the presence of electricity provided by utilities and connected to the switchboard of the site, supplies the energy needed for the event to which it was proposed.

– We have generators Conventional, with cabins and with mufflers.

Maintenance of Group Generators

– Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

– Maintenances aim to ensure the proper functioning of the generator under appropriate conditions besides providing better performance and efficiency for the equipment, avoiding the incidence of failures, prolonging its life.

END – Nondestructive Testing

-Liquid penetrant Inspection;

-Magnetic Particle test;

-Eddy Current test(Eddy Current);

-These kind of service are indispensables for keeping your maintenance program up-to-date..

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